Presenting a Comfortable & Real ‘Marley Resort & Spa’ At The Cable Beach of Nassau, Bahamas

Marley Resort & Spa is one of the most alluring, settling & desirable Holiday Rentals which are certainly settled in the relaxing and really stunning coastal Habitat and surroundings of Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas. You can definitely & 100% enjoy and certainly savor in a fabulous stay at the Marley Resort & Spa through our Endless Dream Vacation Club Membership that sure sort provide our clients to stay on an affordable and surely reasonable rates. However, if only people do Sign up for our EDV Membership.

The Marley Resort & Spa Estate was in fact once used to be a holiday home to the legendary Reggae Singing king Bob Marley and his family used to stay for their vacation In This fabulous estate. Inside you can see plenty of portraits and black & white photographs of the legend and besides that it is surely a place where you can experience the calming and artful living vibe of the atmosphere and being situated along the beach you get to swim in the ocean, take a full whiff of that Ocean Breeze, scuba diving to check out the coral reefs and blue waters of ocean and derive pleasure in the blending and nature-combined tropical garden. All of these elements and features of Marley Resort & Spa clearly make it an ideal place for having a momentous and life-long remembering Wedding and other special occasions. The Marley Resort & Spa is consisting of the on-site Bar and Diner that serves Caribbean breakfast & lunch and 16 different tropical themed suites that are outfitting with the amenities such as applauding view of the ocean, Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, out-door pool, bathroom, private parking with refreshing showers which certainly blends with the pleasant surroundings of Bahamas too.

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